We are a collective of sound engineers, producers and studios in London.
We all have a passion for high end studio equipment, vintage gear, great sounding records and amazing rooms to record in. Over the years we learned and experimented to make use of that in a quite useful and sensible manner without stretching budgets.



Our studios are operated by an experienced team. Each of us has worked long-term in either recording, mixing, mastering and post-production or in all these fields together. Collectively and individually we built, ran and owned studios in London, South Germany and Hamburg.


Working with us, you find yourself in company with legendary artists such as Neneh Cherry, Roisin Murphy, Polar Bear, Brian Eno, who have amongst many others worked with us at our studios.


The enormous collection of outboard gear and microphones includes the names of Telefunken, Tube-Tech, Elysia, Manley, UREI, G-SSL, Altec, API, AKG, Neumann, Berliner, Telefunken, Schoeps, Beyer, Blue, Calrec, Sennheiser, Electrovoice and provides a choice for all purposes. The large selection of musical instruments and amplifiers, from the late 1950s to the present are shared between the studios and can be hired for a session.


By working with a lot of different clients, we built up a roster of London’s finest musicians. You are welcome to tap into that great resource of musical talents and let them play on your own record.


You don’t even have to be in London to be present at a recording, mix or master. If you need a certain recording but can’t be present, you can utilize our engineers and musicians and monitor recording sessions simply via the internet through streaming, audio file uploads and online visual conferencing


Our experienced producers, arrangers, players and writers can lend a hand from the pre-production stages of the first song ideas and listening to demos to co-writing and arranging of new material.


We have the facilities to record in a live set up with total amp/instrument separation, or overdub and layer individual tracks like vocal takes, guitar solos or a string quartet or anything else your imagination requires. But the best thing is, you can fully concentrate on your performance and leave all the technicalities to the studio staff.


The recordings or any material you send or give us will be mixed and made sound amazing with our vintage gear-, analogue desk- and in-the-box-skills. At request the mixes can be recalled and loaded up again later for tweaking.


From a purist approach with some fine gear we can colour and treat audio material, we can cut and post-arrange songs and add or replace sounds, edit vocals and copy parts. Old tapes and old records can be restored with editing, de-noising and de-crackling methods. We have a unique in-house tape baking facility, to physically remedy really old tapes that started to become unplayable.


The tracks can be delivered as stereo mixes, vocal up, vocal down, instrumentals, whatever your budget allows. Additionally we can make starting-from-zero track stems, mix group stems, instrument group stems, either recorded through the desk if it is an analog mix or bounced internally. You also can have consolidated audio or session files with bounced regions in place.


We know how to record them and select the best suitable mics. We have quite a selection available to use, but contact us beforehand – we can also hire in instruments for special needs. We are all players too and our experienced ears tell us when they are out of tune or don’t “sound right” and help you tune or fix them them.


Undoubtedly mastering is the highest form of audio engineering. We have high end analogue and digital mastering units which with we have mastered a long list of records. Over time we collected a few interesting additional mastering units to obtain a unique vintage sound if wanted.


These days a release without thinking about online marketing seems impossible and there the visual presentation of the music is essential. Our in house video crew allows you to capture everything in HD during your recorded live performance or extra footage from behind the scenes.


We have the equipment to provide a mobile recording, most places in a gig venue or a theatre or a church, at a festival.


We can provide small scale CD-manufacturing or vinyl manufacturing, have contacts for live sound engineers, artist managers and a long list of proven graphic designers, photographers, tee-shirt makers, video makers, merchandising agents, stylists etc.


All the services mentioned above can be booked individually. Studio time can be hired as single studio days, fully professional services or block sessions for a smaller day fee. In any case we are happy to discuss the booking so it is catered to your special needs. Please book HERE.


If you have any questions about the studio, or any of the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us HERE.