is an ideal and compact daylight studio for writing and recording, overdubs, mixing, mastering, tweaking and experimenting.
The outbuilding in the beautiful hill area of Kingsbury in the north west of London is surrounded by miniature castles and thatched roof houses.
The large triple windows look out to the garden which is often used for a moment of inspiration or a coffee in the sun.
The studio comes with a tracking room, a vocal booth and a world class blend of state of the art and vintage gear combined with high end conversion. At the heart of the studio is an exceptional Studer 900 series console, which was originally installed in the Opera House in Berlin.Our highest quality Lynx Aurora 16 converters sound amazing from 44.kHz to 192 kHz – they ensure that no digital fragments are apparent like in the early days of digital.
For pure analog believers we have a Tascam MSR-16 tape machine and a Studer A810 2-track to allow you to make a record without using a computer.A full range Quested main monitor system reveals every last detail of mixes and recordings.

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