You can record your band in a live set up with total amp/instrument separation, or overdub and layer individual tracks. Or we can help you record vocal takes, guitar solos or a string quartet or anything your imagination dictates. Leave all the technicalities to us, the studio staff and you can fully concentrate on your performance. We have a great headphone distribution in place, so everyone has their own individual headphone mixes. The massive collection of microphones is suited for every purpose and instrument.
The rooms you record in leave enough room to feel comfortable and interact, like you would in a rehearsal room or on stage or even better. The room sounds can be chosen and altered from tight t large from warm to cold or reverby. All that happens to the audio before mixing, the preamps, desks, tape and compressors is in place just to suit every track perfectly.
Recording and mixing mostly go hand in hand. To build up a sound, we mix on the fly during or between the recording to capture the “vibe”, that way we make sure the recording goes into the right direction. The recordings are done in a fashion to capture the best moments and equally achieving the best sounds which saves time in the mixing stage.


We mix recorded material you send us or give us and make it sound amazing. Mixing and recording also sometimes go hand in hand, to build up a sound and so recorded tracks can be mixed quickly between recording to capture the “vibe”.
If you want, the analogue mixes can be recalled and loaded up again later for tweaking. We have a fantastic Studer desk in Satellite which has a very unique clarity and warmth at the same time which gives mixes a fantastic depth. The variety of mixes we have done in the past speaks for itself.


Mastering is seen as the highest form of audio engineering, a wizardry not many people understand. One of the many reason to master a track A finished stereo mix is the source for this final process before sending it to the pressing plant.

Mastering is not mixing individual tracks, if an instrument or a vocal is too low – there is not much that can be done apart from raising the relevant frequencies which affect the rest of the mix as well, if that is not enough, or if you are not sure it is better to mix the track again (and turn the vocals and lead instruments up – they can be embedded in the mix easier than turned up in the mastering process!). Also group stems can be used in case a vocal is too quiet or loud or the drums too low.

The mastering work we do, is a combination of analog and digital mastering units. EP’s and albums are level and sound matched.

Mastering is charged per track fees for attended or not attended or online sessions.

The delivered source formats we require are: stereo mixes in digital format, high quality wav, aiff, dats, or even analogue cassettes, 1/4” tapes (NO MP3s please !) and instrumental and vocal stems. More than two stems per track are charged an additional small fee.

The results you take with you are: high quality wavs in the format you require, MP3s for upload, Master CDs, ppd secure file for the mastering plant upload.

Once mastered and the session paid, each master can be revised once for free if required. The track fee is less when over 8 tracks are mastered for an album session.

Find more details in the price list you can ask for HERE: